Our children are so precious and they can get themselves into all sorts of trouble in the blink of an eye.  Despite our best efforts, accidents involving kids will and do happen. 

If an accident happened involving your child, would you know what to do?  Would you have the confidence, knowledge and skills to act quickly and calmly in an emergency?  Would you be able to recognise the common ‘red flags’ in children and know when to call an ambulance or go to hospital?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, you are not alone. 

Most of us know to call “Triple Zero” to get help in an emergency, but what then? Average ambulance response times are over 10 minutes, and it is the first few minutes that are crucial in responding to your sick or injured child that makes the most difference.

So what can you do? There are two aspects to this:  

The first is embodied in the saying “Prevention is Better than Cure”. Knowing how to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place (such as baby proofing your home).

The second aspect involves education to obtain the required knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise and act.  For this aspect you need to do a baby and child specific CPR and First Aid course, which is where Kidsaver can help.  Being able to recognise when you child needs help, and confidently administer first aid and or CPR in an emergency is often said to be essential life skills. At Kidsaver we believe these are critical skills you must have when you are a parent, grandparent or carer. 

Kidsaver classes are supportive, ‘hands on’ practical workshops, where you will learn how to perform life saving CPR & first aid skills for the most common child related emergencies, such as choking, drowning, burns, temperatures, febrile convulsions, seizures, falls, head injuries, broken bones, poisoning, bites & stings, rashes, dehydration, allergies & anaphylaxis and more.  You will learn not only what to do and how but also you will learn to recognise early warning signs in your child, knowing when to act – the paediatric red flags.

Limited numbers in each class ensure you will have ample opportunity to ask questions and practice CPR & first aid skills on your own state of the art manikin. You will leave this class with the skills and confidence to act quickly and calmly in any emergency, and as a result, you could save the life of your baby or child.

We are the only First Aid provider where all trainers are Registered Nurses and Paediatric Specialists. All our incredible trainers are also parents themselves, living and breathing what we teach!

Our mission is to give as many parents, grandparents, family members and carers as we can, the essential life saving skills to keep their children safe in emergencies. Everyone is capable of providing first aid and CPR no matter what your background and experience is. Everyone is capable of saving lives. Through our CPR & First Aid Courses we want to empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to keep your child safe. 

What could be more important!

To book a group or private first aid course with KidSaver visit their website 3cd90e9d