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The Full Story

Hi there,

I’m Mitchell, and this is my wife Holly. 

We are the owners of Sydney’s first baby proofing service First Steps Safe Steps. 

The dream of starting our baby proofing business began back in 2011. After leaving Sydney and moving to London. As a qualified carpenter, I searched for work. Quite quickly I found myself a hands-on role at a highly reputable London based baby proofing company, Baby Safe Homes UK. 

I was fortunate enough to receive extensive on the job training including completion of courses at RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). During my employment, I completed hundreds of in-home safety consultations, completed custom baby proofing installations and learnt intensively about infant safety. 

This provided me with an increased awareness of the limitations surrounding DIY baby proofing products and in fact how many products required extensive skills in order to be installed in not only an efficient but more importantly a safe and effective manner. In turn my wife Holly, having a background in education also saw there was an opportunity to provide more accessible information to parents and caregivers about baby proofing and child safety in the home. 

Upon our return to Sydney in 2014 we immediately got to work on the creation of First Steps Safe Steps. A complete baby proofing service that provides education, trusted advice and most importantly quality installation of baby proofing products that meets the unique needs of EACH and EVERY family we visit. 

As parents, we understand the trials, tribulations and expectations that come with raising and caring for little humans, which is why we are so incredibly passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise on baby and child safety in and around the home. 

Making Sydney homes child safe is our priority

Creating safer homes for babies and infants to grow and explore and provide peace of mind for parents and care-givers.

Sydney’s first baby proofing service that provides a personalised baby safe solution. We will help you design a child safe solution and safely install baby safety equipment before any accidents happen.

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