The Full Story

In 2011 Mitchell left Sydney and moved with his wife to London. As a qualified carpenter he searched for work and found himself in a hands on role in a London based baby proofing company. This was the beginning of his baby proofing journey.

While working for Baby Safe Homes UK he was trained through the company and completed courses through RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). Conducting walk thru’s and installing equipment Mitchell quickly became aware of how the DIY options were limited in Sydney. Mitchell noticed many DIY products were poor fits or require extensive DIY skills to install them safely.

Since returning to Sydney and speaking to many friends and family members who have new borns and are unsure what their new family needs are and how to install safety products, Mitchell has found the demand for high quality baby safe products and a service to ensure correct and safe installation is the same as in the UK. Drawing on the extensive experience and training he received through his time in London Mitchell has set out to make this service available to families throughout the Sydney metropolitan area.

Making Sydney homes child safe is our priority

Creating safer homes for babies and infants to grow and explore and provide peace of mind for parents and care-givers.

Sydney’s first baby proofing service that provides a personalised baby safe solution. We will help you design a child safe solution and safely install baby safety equipment before any accidents happen.

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