Ensuring Baby Safety: A Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

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Ensuring Baby Safety: A Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

As parents, ensuring the safety of our little ones is always a top priority. From the moment they start crawling and exploring their surroundings, it becomes crucial to create a safe environment where they can thrive without encountering unnecessary risks. At First Steps Safe Steps, we understand the importance of baby proofing your home, which is why we’ve teamed up with Baby Dan, a trusted provider of baby gates and home safety products, to bring you essential tips and solutions for every corner of your living space.

Kitchen Safety

The kitchen can be a potential hazard zone for curious little explorers. From cupboards filled with cleaning supplies to hot appliances, there are numerous risks to consider. To prevent infants from accessing dangerous cupboards or drawers in the kitchen, we recommend using the Baby Dan Cabinet and Drawer Catch Latch or Double Cabinet Lock. Additionally, if your kitchen has an open pantry or storage space, the Baby Dan Premier True Pressure Gate or Flexi Fit Gate is a great choice to restrict access to the area, ensuring your child’s safety without compromising your convenience.

Living Spaces and Hallways

Heavy furniture such as bookshelves, hallway tables and televisions can present significant tip over dangers if not properly secured. Anchoring this furniture with the Baby Dans Anti-Tip Furniture Straps and BabyDan Anit-Tip Television Safety Straps is a non-negotiable baby safety action. If your living space has the perk of a fireplace, Baby Dan’s Flex Configure Systems is an excellent solution to restrict infant access to the area.

Stair Safety

Stairs pose a major risk for young children, especially those who are just learning to walk. Installing gates at the top and bottom of stairs is essential. For optimal safety, a pressure gate should not be installed at the top of the stair space due to the trip bar hazard and the higher risk of gate dislodgement. Baby Dan offers a range of wall mounted options including the Flexi-Fit Gate and BabyDan Multi Dan Gate and Guard Me Gate designed to fit various stair configurations and keep your little one safe from falls. For the bottom of the stairs, the Premier True Pressure Fit Gate is another option to prevent little ones from climbing up the stairs unsupervised.

Bedroom Safety

Heavy furniture items like chests of drawers, change tables and bedside tables can be potential tipping hazards if not properly secured. Baby Dans Anti-Tip Furniture Straps ensure these items remain stable and upright, minimising the risk of accidents. For safe storage of items in drawers and cabinets, the Baby Dan Multi-Lock and Double Cabinet Lock provide reliable protection against curious hands. Additionally, the Finger Safe or Two-Way Door Stop keeps bedroom doors from accidentally closing on tiny fingers, providing added peace of mind.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms are filled with potential hazards, from slippery surfaces to cabinets filled with toiletries, grooming items, medicines, or cleaning products. Baby Dan Multi Lock or Double Cabinet Locks help keep your little one’s hands away from unsafe bathroom items.

At First Steps Safe Steps, we understand that every home is unique, which is why we offer personalised consultations to help identify potential risks and tailor safety solutions to suit your specific needs. By partnering with Baby Dan, we ensure that you have access to the highest quality safety products to protect your little ones every step of the way. With our combined expertise and innovative solutions, you can create a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive and explore with confidence.

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Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. Mitch gives great advice on baby proofing. He opened our eyes to where we needed to baby proof and also saved us money by making sure we didn’t “over baby proof” our house. He was tidy and did a great job installing baby proofing around our house. Thanks again we will definitely refer you to our friends and family!

Laura, Sydney

Now We Are Baby Proofed

Mitchell was so efficient and helpful, he answered all our concerns for our baby’s safety. Now we are baby proofed!

Ondine, Sydney

Amazing Customer Service

Mitchell provided us with amazing customer service and saved us by baby proofing our home. Thank you so much for such a prompt efficient service.

Jenna, Sydney

Greatly Appreciated

I would like to thank Mitch for his help in “Twinado” proofing our living areas. His prompt and efficient service is greatly appreciated (though not by the twins, they were less than impressed that they could no longer get into my DVD cabinets!)

Nicole, Sydney

Prompt & Reliable Service

I contacted First Steps Safe Steps to install safety gates. They offered an appointment 2 days later and came at the agreed time. Mitchell was able to fix all our problems on the spot and provided further advice. We choose the roller blind gates that have a slim and discreet look. Thanks so much Mitchell for the prompt and reliable service. We now have more freedom and peace of mind while caring for our little 1 year old. I definitely recommend their services.

Anne, Sydney

Fantastic Experience

I had a fantastic experience with First Steps Safe Steps today…

It was SO easy…I rang Mitchell (the owner) to arrange a time, he then visited our house, assessed what was needed to ‘baby proof’, provided a quote, and then installed all requested items…all within two hours!

Mitchell was super friendly and polite, did a great job, cleaned up afterwards, and even offered to do an odd job that he noticed while there. I can’t recommend it more highly!!

Pip, Sydney
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