Furniture Anchors & Edging

Anchoring televisions and heavy furniture is one of the most crucial baby proofing actions. On average, two children die each year and hundreds more injured because of toppling furniture and televisions. Children under 10 years old are most at risk, and more than half of tip-over injuries involve a child under 4 years old.

Furniture edging and bumpers are a soft padding that covers sharp furniture edges and corners. This reduces the risk of bumps and bruises for a toddler.

TV Safety Straps and Anchors Image

TV Safety Straps and Anchors

TV Safety Straps are designed to help prevent accidental push overs of televisions onto toddlers and children.

L bracket Image

L bracket

L Brackets are a durable and strong option for heavy furniture such as a bookcase, mirror, chest of drawer, hall table or any piece of furniture that may tip or be easily pulled over.

Outlet plugs Image

Outlet plugs

Outlet Plugs are placed into unused power outlets to prevent curious toddlers from inserting foreign objects into the source of dangerous electrical currents.

Lever Door Lock Image

Lever Door Lock

The Lever Door Lock helps prevent children accessing potentially dangerous areas such as laundries, garages and other rooms.

Two Way Door Stop Image

Two Way Door Stop

The Two-Way Door Stop holds the door in a safe position as the rubber feet keep the door stop in place on almost any kind of floor.

Foam Door Stoppers Image

Foam Door Stoppers

Foam Door Stoppers help prevent finger injuries that can occur when doors slam and also reduce the potential for a child to be unexpectedly locked in a room.

Corners Image


Foam Corner Bumpers help protect on the go children from nasty injuries that can occur from a fall into a hard, sharp bench, table or furniture corner.

Furniture Anchors and Edging Image

Furniture Anchors and Edging

Furniture Straps are designed to prevent furniture from tipping over on your child if they climb or pull on it.


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