Juggling a toddler and newborn made easier with Baby Proofing

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Juggling a toddler and newborn made easier with Baby Proofing

Being a first time parent is definitely a whirlwind!

It’s a combination of learning as you go as well as wading through seemingly endless articles, books and podcasts on how much sleep babies need, when should they start solids, are they hitting their milestones whilst consuming multiple mugs of lukewarm coffee.

Second time round you’re likely to be feeling a little more seasoned with a clearer idea of what is ahead of you when baby number two arrives. The issue at hand now becomes the fact there are 2 to care for at the same time.

Insert my saving grace…bespoke, strategically placed and professionally installed baby proofing solutions. Not only have they helped save my sanity, they also keep my toddler free from injury when my hands are full as well as acting as a deterrent from getting into unsafe spaces.

Here’s what worked for us ….

Strategically placed gates, based on your own needs and surroundings

Retractable gates are a game changer. These gates acted as a barrier in multiple spaces of the home. Whether I was completing household duties, changing a nappy or feeding the baby I could contain my toddler in the living room with me or in other areas of our home. If my hands were free or I had extra adults around to help I can simply retract the gates back open and have my usual living space restored.

Drawer and cupboard clips

You know the dreaded feeling when you can’t see your toddler and the house has gone very very quiet? Knowing that cupboard clips are installed on key cupboards and draws around the house keeping my curious toddlers hands out of all kinds of messy and unsafe situations definitely helps keep my sanity in check.

Furniture and large item anchoring

Toddlers love to climb and try to reach items that they should not touch. Anchoring a chest of draws, hall tables, bookshelves, especially the TV was a non-negotiable necessity. Being human, television time did increase when the new baby arrived, as did my toddlers need to try and touch the television in his excitement in the show. Anchoring has proved its worth multiple times along with keeping my heart rate at an acceptable level.

Corner cushions for tables and bench tops

Most toddlers have limited capacity with their peripherals when zooming around the house. Corner cushions on my bench and tables absorb impact and help prevent my toddler from experiencing abrasions, bruises and lacerations to the head or other body parts.

To see what options are available for your needs and surroundings book a consultation today on 0490 413 147

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Our Clients


Fantastic Service

Fantastic service. Mitch gives great advice on baby proofing. He opened our eyes to where we needed to baby proof and also saved us money by making sure we didn’t “over baby proof” our house. He was tidy and did a great job installing baby proofing around our house. Thanks again we will definitely refer you to our friends and family!

Laura, Sydney

Now We Are Baby Proofed

Mitchell was so efficient and helpful, he answered all our concerns for our baby’s safety. Now we are baby proofed!

Ondine, Sydney

Amazing Customer Service

Mitchell provided us with amazing customer service and saved us by baby proofing our home. Thank you so much for such a prompt efficient service.

Jenna, Sydney

Greatly Appreciated

I would like to thank Mitch for his help in “Twinado” proofing our living areas. His prompt and efficient service is greatly appreciated (though not by the twins, they were less than impressed that they could no longer get into my DVD cabinets!)

Nicole, Sydney

Prompt & Reliable Service

I contacted First Steps Safe Steps to install safety gates. They offered an appointment 2 days later and came at the agreed time. Mitchell was able to fix all our problems on the spot and provided further advice. We choose the roller blind gates that have a slim and discreet look. Thanks so much Mitchell for the prompt and reliable service. We now have more freedom and peace of mind while caring for our little 1 year old. I definitely recommend their services.

Anne, Sydney

Fantastic Experience

I had a fantastic experience with First Steps Safe Steps today…

It was SO easy…I rang Mitchell (the owner) to arrange a time, he then visited our house, assessed what was needed to ‘baby proof’, provided a quote, and then installed all requested items…all within two hours!

Mitchell was super friendly and polite, did a great job, cleaned up afterwards, and even offered to do an odd job that he noticed while there. I can’t recommend it more highly!!

Pip, Sydney
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